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What a pleasure to speak with Alexandria's Fares Dessouky, although I'm sure he's rather be in Manchester having fun with his colleagues instead of entertaining me in one of the nicest spot of the City, The Greek Club...

As you may remember, Fares got seriously injured in the second round of Hong Kong against Declan James as he was leading 2/0...

"I remember I jumped for the ball, and as I landed, I felt something going terribly wrong in my knee. I knew immediately something just happened that was not going to go away..."

And the sentence fell a few days later: not only the ACL were damaged, but the meniscus as well.

"I am going to have surgery in Germany, Ramy helped me a lot I have to mention, but it depends if I get my visa in time. My parents are coming with me, arranging the flights, the accomodation, etc. We are all a bit nervous, as it's the first time I have an injury that serious".

The outcome of the surgery is not certain yet he adds: "The ACL apparently can be repaired quite easily, but the problem comes from the meniscus. Depending of the state of the damage, I can walk out the surgery, or being on crutches for 6 weeks. We won't know until they open it up"...

Nervous times for the Dessouky family for sure. But Fares is being very philosophical about it: "At the beginning, I was a bit jealous of the other players being able to compete while I was stuck on my crutches.

"But now, I feel it gives me the opportunity to realise how lucky I am to be a squash player, that it probably will give me a big push when I come back. Also, I'm studying Marketing in Alexandria, and my last exams are next month. I can focus on my studies, and hopefully I'll graduate at the end of January.

"And also, I rediscover the pleasure of living, of enjoying time with my family, with my friends, and having a life outside squash.

"But the most important, I take care of my body, I'm already in my rehabilitation, I am on a strict diet, I lost 3 kilos already, and I have managed to drop the crutches - up to 2 days ago, I couldn't walk without them"...

"I know it's going to be a long process, but hopefully, I'll be back on court competing in six months"

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